Seville, Spain: A Family’s Olive Ranch


Located just 20 km outside Seville (about a 3-hour train ride from Madrid), Hacienda La Bodeguilla is a villa situated on 12 hectares (about 275 acres) of land housing over 45,000 olive trees that has been in our colleague, Ignacio Sagarminaga’s family for over 50 years. September is the time of year for the harvest. Hundreds of workers pick 300,000 kilos (over 300 tons) of olives. Most are sold to shop owners throughout Spain and the rest are pressed into olive oil and sold to other European countries. The family villa is protected by friendly Mastiff guard dogs who enjoy sunbathing in their cobblestone courtyard and cooling off on the marble floor in the home’s foyer. Sadly, this home isn’t for sale.

More Photos of the Ranch

Seville sunset  Seville pool

060_60   092_92


Guard Dog Puppies

PUPPIES   puppy mastiff

IMG_1938    IMG_1935






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